Article 7 Operating and Financial Review and Prospects

7.1 Give an explanation (in financial statement line items) of factors that have affected the issuer's financial condition and results of operations for each year, as well as the interim period for which the financial statements are required in the prospectus, including the causes of these material changes from year-to-year. The information provided shall also relate to a forecast or statement of the issuer's prospects for the current and future periods. This may include management's assessment of factors and trends that are anticipated to have a material effect on the issuer's financial conditions and results of operations in the same future period. Provide the information as specified below, as well as any information that is necessary for an investor's understanding of the issuer's business as a whole, including all separate segments of the issuer.
7.2 Operating Results

Provide information regarding significant factors, including unusual or infrequent events or new developments that are materially affecting the issuer's income or its operations, indicating the extent to which income was so affected. Describe any other significant component of revenue or expenses necessary to understand the issuer's results of operations.
7.2.1 To the extent that the financial statements disclose material changes in net sales or revenues, provide a narrative discussion of the extent to which such changes are attributable to changes in prices or to changes in the volume, or the amount of products or services being sold, or the introduction of new products or services.
7.2.2 Describe the impact of inflation, if material. If the currency in which financial statements are presented is from a country that has experienced hyperinflation, a minimum of at least five years history of the annual rate of inflation and a discussion of the impact of hyperinflation on the issuer's business shall be disclosed.
7.2.3 Provide information regarding the impact of foreign currency fluctuations on the issuer, if material, and the extent to which foreign currency net investments are hedged by currency borrowings and other hedging instruments.
7.2.4 Provide information regarding any governmental economic, fiscal, monetary or political policies or factors that have materially affected, or are expected to materially affect, directly or indirectly, the issuer's operations or investments by host country shareholders.