Article 10 Directors and Employees

10.1 Provide information on the issuer's directors and senior managers that will allow investors to assess such individuals' expertise, qualifications and levels of compensation, as well as their relationship with the issuer.
10.2 Directors and Senior Management

The following information shall be disclosed with respect to the issuer's directors and senior management, and any employees such as scientists or designers, upon whose work the issuer depends:
10.2.1 Name, business experience, functions and areas of expertise in the issuer.
10.2.2 Principal business activities performed outside the issuer (including, in the case of directors, other principal directorships).
10.2.3 Date of birth, or age.
10.2.4 Any arrangement or understanding with major shareholders, customers, suppliers or others, pursuant to which any person referred to above was selected as a director, or member of senior management.
10.2.5 Whether such person is a party to current debt recovery litigation or has a record of being a cheque abuser, or has been involved previously in any bankruptcy, fraud, money laundering or other serious criminal proceedings, as can be ascertained from the Agency's or other similar records in other jurisdictions. If so, disclose circumstances.