Article 6 Information on the Issuer

Provide information about the issuer's business operations, the products or the services it provides, and the factors that affect its business. Also provide information regarding the adequacy and suitability of the issuer's properties, plant and equipment, as well as its plans for future increases or decreases in such capacity. The issuer is also required to provide current valuations of its properties other than those that are available for sale or held as investment, and any additional information regarding these properties, plant and equipment that are not already disclosed in the financial statements of the issuer.

6.1 History and Development of the Issuer

The following information shall be provided.
6.1.1 The legal and commercial name of the issuer.
6.1.2 The date of incorporation and the length of life of the issuer, except where unspecified.
6.1.3 The domicile and legal form of the issuer, the legislation under which the issuer operates, its country of incorporation and the address and telephone and facsimile numbers of its registered office (or principal place of business, if different from its registered office). Provide the name and address of the issuer's agent in Bahrain, if applicable.
6.1.4 Information concerning the nature and results of any material reclassification, merger or consolidation of the issuer, or any of its significant subsidiaries; acquisitions or dispositions of material assets other than in the ordinary course of business; any material changes in the mode of conducting the business; any material changes in the types of products produced or services rendered; name changes; or the nature and results of any bankruptcy, receivership or similar proceedings with respect to the issuer or significant subsidiaries within the preceding 5 years.
6.1.5 A description, including the amount invested of the issuer's principal capital expenditures and divestitures, including interests in other issuers (other than those in the ordinary course of business), since the beginning of the issuer's last three financial years other than the information disclosed in the accompanying financial statements, up to the date of the offering or listing document.
6.1.6 Information concerning the principal capital expenditures and divestitures currently in progress (other than those in the ordinary course of business), including the distribution of these investments geographically (home and abroad) and the method of financing (internal or external).
6.1.7 An indication of any public takeover bids by third parties in respect of the issuer's shares, or by the company in respect of other issuers' shares (other than in the ordinary course of business), which have occurred during both the last and current financial years. The price or exchange terms attached to such offers and the outcomes thereof are to be stated.
6.2 Business Overview

The information required by this item may be presented without prejudice to the competitive position of the issuer on the same basis as that used to determine the issuer's business segments under the body of accounting principles used in preparing the financial statements. The following information shall be provided:
6.2.1 A description of the nature of the issuer's operations and its principal activities, stating the main categories of products sold and/or services performed for each of the last three financial years. Indicate any significant new products and/or services that have been introduced, and to what extent the development of new products or services has been publicly disclosed, giving the status of such development.
6.2.2 A description of the principal markets in which the issuer competes, including a breakdown of total revenue (by category) for each activity and split into different geographical markets for each of the last three financial years.
6.2.3 A description of the seasonal nature of the issuer's main business.
6.2.4 A description of the sources and availability of raw materials, including a description of whether prices of principal raw materials are volatile.
6.2.5 A description of the marketing channels used by the issuer, including an explanation of any special sales methods, i.e. by installments.
6.2.6 A summary of information regarding the extent to which the issuer is dependent, if at all, on patents or licences, industrial, commercial or financial contracts (including contracts with customers or suppliers), or new manufacturing processes, royalty agreements, franchises, agencies and other contracts where such factors are material to the issuer's business or profitability.
6.2.7 The basis for any statements made by the issuer regarding its competitive position shall be disclosed. If the issuer claims a competitive advantage, it should disclose the basis for that claim. If the issuer does not disclose some information based on competitive issues, it should also disclose that fact.
6.2.8 A description of the material effects of government regulations on the issuer's business, identifying the regulatory body for the issuer.
6.3 Organizational Structure

If the issuer is part of a group, include a brief description of the group and the issuer's position within the group. Provide a listing of the issuer's subsidiaries, including name, country of incorporation or residence, proportion of ownership interest, and if different, proportion of voting power held.
6.4 Property, Plant and Equipment

Provide information regarding any tangible fixed assets, including leased properties, and any major encumbrances thereon, including a description of the size and uses of the property; productive capacity and extent of utilization of the issuer's facilities; how the assets are held; the products produced; and the location. Also describe any environmental issues that may affect the issuer's utilization of the assets. With regard to any plans to construct, expand or improve facilities, describe the nature of and reason for the plan, an estimate of the amount of expenditure, including the amount of expenditures already paid, a description of the method of financing the activity, the estimated start dates and completion of the activity, and the increase of production capacity anticipated after completion.