Article 30 Additional Information

30.1 Share Capital

The following information shall be given as of the date of the most recent balance sheet included in the financial statements, and as of the latest practicable date:
30.1.1 The amount of issued capital and, for each class of share capital: (a) the number of shares authorized; (b) the number of shares issued and fully paid-up and issued but not fully paid-up; (c) the par value per share and (d) a reconciliation of the number of shares outstanding at the beginning and end of the year. If more than 10% of capital has been paid for with assets other than cash within the past five years, that fact should be stated.
30.1.2 If there are shares not representing capital, the number and main characteristics of such shares shall be stated.
30.1.3 Indicate the number, book value and face value of shares in the issuer, held by the issuer directly or indirectly, or by subsidiaries of the issuer.
30.1.4 Where there is authorized but unissued capital, or an undertaking to increase the capital for example, in connection with warrants, convertible obligations or other outstanding equity-linked securities, or subscription rights granted, indicate: (i) the amount of outstanding equity-linked securities and of such authorized capital or capital increase and, where appropriate, the duration of the authorization; (ii) the categories of persons having preferential subscription rights for such additional portions of capital; and (iii) the terms, arrangements and procedures for the share issue corresponding to such portions.
30.1.5 The persons to whom any capital of the issuer is under option, or agreed conditionally or unconditionally to be put under option, including the title and amount of securities covered by the options; the exercise price; the purchase price, if any; and the expiration date of the options. Where options have been granted, or agreed to be granted to all the holders of shares or debt securities, or of any class thereof, or to employees under an employees' share scheme, it will be sufficient so far as the names are concerned, to record that fact without giving names.
30.1.6 A history of share capital for the last three years, identifying the events during that period which have changed the amount of issued capital and/or the number and classes of shares of which it is composed, together with a description of changes in voting rights, attached to the various classes of shares during that time. If there is any share capital issued for consideration other than cash, details on the price and terms of such issue (including information regarding discounts, special terms or installment payments) should be given. If there are no such issues, an appropriately worded statement must be made. The reason for any reduction of the amount of capital and the ratio of capital reductions shall also be given.