Article 28 Dilution

28.1 The following information shall be provided:
28.1.1 Where there is a substantial disparity between the public offering price and the effective cash cost to directors or senior management, or affiliated persons of equity securities acquired by them in transactions during the past five years, or which they have the right to acquire, a comparison should be included of the price to the public in the proposed public offering, and the cost to such persons.
28.1.2 Disclose the amount and percentage of immediate dilution resulting from the offering, computed as the difference between the offering price per share and the net book value per share and the average closing market price for the last 30 days for the equivalent class of security, as of the latest audited/reviewed balance sheet date.
28.1.3 In the case of a subscription offering to existing shareholders, disclose the amount and percentage of immediate dilution if they do not subscribe to the new offering in the same manner as described above in Article 28.1.2.