Article 29 Expenses of the Issue

29.1 The following information shall be provided:
29.1.1 The total amount of discount or commission agreed upon by the underwriters or other placement or selling agents and the issuer or selling shareholders, as well as the percentage such commissions represent of the total amount of the offering, and the amount of discounts or commissions per share.
29.1.2 A reasonably itemized statement of the major categories of expenses incurred in connection with the issuance and distribution of the securities to be listed or offered, and by whom the expenses are payable, if other than the issuer. If any of the securities are to be offered for the account of a selling shareholder, indicate the portion of such expenses to be borne by him. The information may be given subject to future contingencies. If the amounts of any items are not known, estimates (identified as such) shall be given.