Article 13 Employees

13.1 Give the number of employees at the end of each of the last three financial years. If possible, provide a breakdown of persons employed by nationality, main category of activity and geographic location during the most recent full financial year. Also disclose any significant change in the number of employees, and information regarding the relationship between management and any labour committee or union. If the issuer employs a significant number of temporary employees, include the number of temporary employees on an average during the most recent financial year.
13.2 Share Ownership
13.2.1 With respect to employees, provide information as to their share ownership in the issue as of the most recent practicable date, including disclosure of the total number of shares and percentage of shares outstanding of that class, whether they have different voting rights where held by the employees and a description of options granted to them on the issuer's shares. Information regarding options shall include the title and amount of securities called for by the options; the exercise price; the purchase price, if any; and the expiration date of the options.
13.2.2 Describe any arrangements for involving the employees in the capital of the issuer, including any arrangement that involves the issue or granting of options, shares or other securities of the issuer.