Article 4 Offering Statistics and Expected Timetable

Provide key information regarding the conduct of any offering and the identification of important dates relating to that offering and /or listing.

4.1 Offering Statistics

For each method of offering, e.g., rights offering, general offering, etc. state the total expected amount of the issue, including the expected issue price, or the method of determining the price and the number of securities expected to be issued.
4.2 Method and Expected Timetable

For all offerings, and separately for each group of targeted potential investors, state the following information to the extent applicable to the offering procedure:
4.2.1 State the time period during which the offer will be open, and where and to whom purchase or subscription applications should be sent. Describe whether the purchase period may be extended or shortened, and the manner and duration of possible extensions to, or shortening of, this period. Describe the manner in which any extension or shortening shall be made public. If the exact dates or periods are not known when the document is first filed or distributed to the public, describe arrangements for announcing the final or definitive date or period.
4.2.2 State the method and time limits for paying the subscription on the securities; where payment is partial, state the manner and dates on which the amounts due will be paid.
4.2.3 State the method and time limits for the delivery of securities (including provisional certificates, if applicable) to subscribers or purchasers.
4.2.4 In the case of preemptive purchase rights, state the procedure for the exercise of any right of preemption, the negotiability of subscription rights and the treatment of subscription rights not exercised.
4.2.5 Include a full description of the manner in which results of the distribution of securities will be made public and, when appropriate, the manner for refunding excess amounts paid by applicants (including whether interest will be paid).