Article 16 Related Party Transactions

16.1 Unless otherwise disclosed in the audited financial statements, provide the information required below for the whole of the issuer's last two financial years up to the date of the document, with respect to transactions or loans between the issuer and:
16.1.1 Persons that directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, control or are controlled by, or are under common control with, the issuer;
16.1.2 Associates, other than those transactions in the ordinary course of business. An associate is an unconsolidated enterprise in which the issuer has a significant influence, or which has significant influence over the issuer, and includes enterprises owned by directors or major shareholders of the issuer and enterprises that have a member of key management in common with the issuer. Significant influence over an enterprise is the power to participate in the financial and operating policy decisions of the enterprise, but does not have control over those policies. Shareholders beneficially owning 10% or more interest in the voting power of the issuer are presumed to have a significant influence on the issuer.
16.1.3 Individuals owning, directly or indirectly, an interest in the voting power of the issuer that gives them significant influence over the issuer, and close members of any such individual's family. Close members of an individual's family are those that may be expected to influence, or be influenced by that person in their dealings with the issuer.
16.1.4 Key management personnel, i.e. those persons having authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the issuer, including directors and senior management of issuers, and close members of such individuals' families; and
16.1.5 Enterprises in which a substantial interest in the voting power is owned, directly or indirectly, by any person described in 16.1.2 or 16.1.3, or over which such a person is able to exercise significant influence.
16.2 Describe the nature and extent of any transactions or currently proposed transactions that are material to the issuer or the related party, or any transactions that are unusual in their nature or conditions, involving goods, services, or tangible or intangible assets to which the issuer or its holding company, or any of its subsidiaries was a party.
16.3 Describe the amount of outstanding loans (including guarantees of any kind) made by the issuer or any of its holding companies or subsidiaries, to or for the benefit of any of the persons mentioned in 16.1 above. The information given should include the largest amount outstanding during the period covered, the amount outstanding as of the latest practicable date, the nature of the loan and the transaction in which it occurred, and the interest rate on the loan.