Article 26 Plan of Distribution

26.1 The names and addresses of the person(s) underwriting and/or guaranteeing the offering shall be provided.
26.2 To the best of the issuer's knowledge, indicate whether major shareholders, directors or members of the issuer's management, supervisory or administrative bodies intend to subscribe to the offering, or whether any person intends to subscribe to 5% or more of the offering.
26.3 Identify any group of targeted potential investors to whom the securities are offered. If the offering is being made simultaneously in the markets of two or more countries and if a tranche has been, or is being reserved for certain of these, indicate any such tranche.
26.4 If securities are reserved for allocation to any group of targeted investors, including for example, offerings to existing shareholders, directors, or employees and past employees of the issuer or its subsidiaries, provide details of these and any other preferential allocation arrangements.
26.5 Indicate whether the amount of the offering could be increased, such as by the exercise of an underwriter's over-allotment option or "greenshoe", and by how much.
26.6 Indicate the amount, and briefly outline the plan of distribution of any securities that are to be offered other than through underwriters. If the securities are to be offered through the selling efforts of brokers or dealers, describe the plan of distribution and the terms of any agreement or understanding with such entities. If known, identify the broker(s) or dealer(s) that will participate in the offering and state the amount to be offered through each.
26.7 If the securities are to be offered in connection with the writing of exchange-traded call options, briefly describe such transactions.
26.8 If simultaneously, or almost simultaneously, with the creation of shares for which admission to official listing is being sought, shares of the same class are subscribed for or privately placed, or if shares of other classes are created for public or private placing, provide details of the nature of such operations and of the number and characteristics of the shares to which they relate.
26.9 Unless otherwise described under the response to Article 31.2 ("Material Contracts"), describe the features of the underwriting relationship, together with the amount of securities being underwritten by each underwriter in accordance with the terms of contract with the issuer or selling shareholders. The foregoing information should include a statement as to whether the underwriters are, or will be committed to take and pay for all of the securities, if any are taken, or whether it is an agency or the type of "best efforts" arrangement, under which the underwriters are required to take and pay for only such securities as they may sell to the public.
26.10 Describe the nature and terms of any relationship, other than those in the ordinary course of business, with any underwriters or other financial advisers.