Article 11 Compensation

For the latest audited full financial year of the issuer, provide information related to compensation separated into two distinct categories; (i) for the issuer's directors in the aggregate, and (ii) for the issuer's employees in the aggregate, including key members of its administrative, supervisory or management bodies. The information provided should cover:

11.1 The amount of compensation paid and benefits in kind granted in the aggregate to persons in each of the two categories by the issuer and its subsidiaries, for services in all capacities to the issuer and its subsidiaries by such persons. Disclosure of compensation is required on a categorical basis only, unless individual disclosure is required in the issuer's home country or is otherwise publicly disclosed by the issuer.
11.2 Contingent or deferred compensation accrued for the year, even if the compensation is payable at a later date.
11.3 The total amounts set aside or accrued by the issuer or its subsidiaries, to provide pension retirement or similar benefits.
If any portion of the compensation was paid (a) pursuant to a profit-sharing plan, provide a brief description of the plan; or (b) in the form of stock options, provide the title and amount of securities covered by the options in the aggregate, the exercise price, the purchase price (if any), and the expiration date of the options.