Article 1 Offers of Securities

1.1 Unless the Agency permits otherwise, no person may issue any securities in the Kingdom of Bahrain unless:
1.1.1 A prospectus has been submitted to, and approved by the Agency and published;
1.1.2 A summary of the prospectus has been published in one Arabic and one English language newspaper published in Bahrain.
1.2 A prospectus published in accordance with Article 1.1 shall be in such form and contain such financial and other information as the Agency may by Regulation prescribe.
1.3 In addition to the information prescribed by the Agency, a prospectus must include all such information within the knowledge of those preparing the prospectus as investors and their advisers may reasonably require in order to make an informed assessment of:
1.3.1 The assets and liabilities, profits and losses, financial position and prospects of the issuer;
1.3.2 The rights attached to the securities.
1.4 If between the time of preparation of the prospectus and the time of issue of the securities the issuer, exercising his best professional judgment, believes that:
1.4.1 There is a material change in the information included in the prospectus; or
1.4.2 Material new matters arise which would have been required to be included in the prospectus, had they arisen at the time that it was prepared, then
the issuer must issue a supplementary prospectus that must be approved by the Agency and published in summary form in accordance with Article 1.1.