Article 19 Consolidated Statements and Other Financial Information

19.1 In addition to Article 18 above, if the issuer is part of a group, the annual consolidated financial statements shall be included in the documents as follows:
19.1.1 The document must contain consolidated financial statements, audited by an independent auditor and accompanied by an audit report, comprising of:
(i) a balance sheet;
(ii) an income statement;
(iii) a statement showing either (a) changes in equity other than those arising from capital transactions with owners and distributions to owners; or (b) all changes in equity (including a sub-total of all non-owner movements in equity);
(iv) a cash flow statement,
(v) related notes and schedules required by the International Accounting Standards, pursuant to which the financial statements are prepared; and
(vi) if not included in the primary financial statements, a note analyzing the changes in each caption of shareholders' equity presented in the balance sheet.
19.2 The document should include comparative audited financial statements that cover the last three financial years, and the audited primary financial statements for the last two years.
19.3 The audit report(s) must cover each of the periods for which these disclosure standards require audited financial statements. If the auditors have refused to provide a report on the annual accounts, or if the report(s) contain qualifications or disclaimers, such refusal, qualifications or disclaimers shall be reproduced in full and the reasons given, so that the Agency can determine whether or not to accept the financial statements of the document. An indication of any other information in the document that has been audited by the auditors should be included.
19.4 If the document is dated more than nine months after the end of the last audited financial year, it should contain consolidated Interim Financial Statements covering at least the first six months of the financial year. These statements may be unaudited but must be reviewed by an independent auditor and a copy of the auditor's interim review report must be provided in the document. The Interim Financial Statements should be prepared in accordance with IAS.
19.5 If, on the date of the document the issuer has published Interim Financial Statements that cover a more current period than those otherwise required by 19.4 above, the more current Interim Financial Statements must be included in the document. That may be unaudited but must be reviewed by an independent auditor and a copy of the auditor's interim review report must be provided in the document.
19.6 If the amount of export sales constitutes a significant portion of the issuer's total sales volume, provide the total amount of export sales and the percentage and amount of export sales in the total amount of sales volume.
19.7 Provide information on any legal or arbitration proceedings, including those relating to bankruptcy, receivership or similar proceedings, and those involving any third party, which are expected to have, or have had in the recent past, significant effects on the issuer's financial position or profitability. This includes governmental proceedings pending, or known to be contemplated.
19.8 Describe the company's policy on dividend distributions.