Part A

Past version: Effective from 01 Jan 2017 to 31 Mar 2017
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Table of Contents
Under development: completed Modules are listed here as and when they are issued. 'Old Style' regulatory instruments that remain in force can be accessed under 'CBB Capital Markets Regulations'.
  Module Title Module
Date last
Introduction User's Guide UG Oct 16 PDF Version
Executive Summary ES (to be issued)  
Institutions Markets and Exchanges MAE Jul 16 PDF Version
Clearing, Settlement and Depository CSD Jul 16 PDF Version
Market Intermediaries and Representatives MIR Jul 16 PDF Version
Collective Investment Undertakings [Replaced by Volume 7 in April 2012] CIU Apr 12  
Market Standards Offering of Securities OFS Apr 16 PDF Version
Take-overs, Mergers and Acquisitions TMA Apr 13 PDF Version
Prohibition of Market Abuse and Manipulation MAM Nov 10 PDF Version
Market Surveillance, Investigation & Enforcement MIE Nov 10 PDF Version
Anti-Money Laundering & Combating Financial Crime AML Jan 17 PDF Version
Ongoing Obligations Listing Requirements LIR (to be issued)  
Disclosure Requirements DIS (to be issued)  
High Level Standards High-Level Controls (Corporate Governance) HC Apr 13 PDF Version
Dispute Resolution and Investor Protection Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Disciplinary Proceedings DRA Jul 10 PDF Version
International Co-operation International Co-operation & Exchange of Information ICO Mar 09 PDF Version