Past version: Effective from 11 Nov 2010 to 30 Jun 2021
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(a) A person is not excused from disclosing information to the CBB or, as the case may be, an investigator under paragraph (b) under a requirement made of him under any provision of this Module, on the grounds that the disclosure of the information might tend to incriminate him.
(b) Where a person claims, before making a statement disclosing information that he is required to under any provision of this Module to the CBB or, as the case may be, an investigator appointed by the CBB to conduct a formal investigation, that the statement might tend to incriminate him, that statement shall not be used by the CBB to support any CBB disciplinary measures against him.
(c) Nothing in this Module shall:
(i) Compel an advocate and solicitor to disclose or produce a privileged communication, or a document or other material containing a privileged communication, made by or to him in that capacity; or
(ii) Authorise the taking of any such document or other material which is in his possession.
(d) An advocate and solicitor who refuses to disclose the information to produce the document or other material referred to in paragraph (c) shall nevertheless be obliged to give the name and address (if he knows them) of the person to whom, or by or on behalf of whom, that privileged communication was made.