In exercise of powers available to the CBB under Article 38 of the CBB Law, the CBB implements the scope referred to in rule MIE-2.1.2 above for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the CBB stated in Article 3 of the CBB Law, and discharging duties and responsibilities mandated to the CBB vide Article 4 of the CBB Law, the matters referred to in rule MIE-2.1.2 (a)-(f) shall include the following:

(i) Investigation of matters considered expedient for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the CBB Law, or any rules or regulations issued thereunder.
(ii) Alleged or suspected contravention of any provision of the CBB Law or rules and regulations made thereunder, or any directive issued by the CBB.
(iii) Whether the transactions in securities are being dealt with in a manner detrimental to the investors or the securities market in violation of the CBB Law, rules and regulations; or
(iv) Whether a capital market service provider, or any person associated with the securities market, or any other person has violated any of the provisions of the CBB Law, or the rules, regulations or directives issued thereunder or business rules of SROs.
Amended: July 2021