For the purpose of this Module, in addition to any other designation by the CBB, a Capital Market Advisory Services Provider may be classified as follows:

(a) Auditors;
(aa) Financial Advisors;
(b) Custodian;
(c) Independent Reporting Accountant;
(d) Independent Valuer;
(e) Issue Agent;
(f) Lead Manager;
(g) Legal Advisor;
(h) Paying Agent;
(i) Receiving Bank;
(j) Securities Depositor and ownership transfer agent;
(k) Trustee;
(l) Shari'a Advisor;
(m) Promoter;
(n) Listing Agent;
(o) Underwriter; or
(p) Any other person designated as a Capital Market Advisory Service Provider by the CBB from time to time.
Amended: October 2017
January 2014