The applications to be a licensed member must include evidence that:

(a) Any trading conducted will be provided in an orderly, transparent and fair manner;
(b) The licensed member will be subject to regulation by the CBB and the business rules of the SRO;
(c) The licensed member has taken adequate measures to prudently manage any risks associated with its business and operations;
(d) The licensed member, in discharging its obligations, will not act contrary to the interests of the investing public, or to the requirements of the CBB;
(e) The licensed member will enforce compliance by its employees or representatives with the business rules of the SRO, as the case may be;
(f) The licensed member makes satisfactory provisions for an orderly, transparent and fair conduct of its business, the adherence to rules and the supervision of its employees or representatives; and
(g) The licensed member has sufficient financial, human, and technical resources to undertake regulated activities in a fair, orderly, transparent manner and meet contingencies or disaster criteria.
Amended: April 2013
Adopted January 2010