Any licensed exchange, that accepts an external trading member, must together with the Final Membership and Commencement of Operation Checklist, provide the CBB with:

(a) A copy of the application made to the licensed exchange for membership as an external trading member;
(b) A description of the clearing and settlement arrangements including a copy of the signed contract with a licensed clearing member (general);
(c) A copy of the external trading member's membership registration certificates with an exchange in its home and any other jurisdiction;
(d) A copy of the external trading member's licensing or registration with its home market securities regulator (where required to be licensed or registered), which regulator must be a member of IOSCO and a signatory to the IOSCO MMOU or acceptable bilateral agreement; and
(e) A letter of confirmation that the CBB Law and this Module are not in conflict with its market rules and legislation and where a conflict is determined, details must be provided for consideration and approval by the CBB.
Amended: July 2016
Added: April 2013