(a) As per Article 123 of the CBB Law:
"(i) Any person who is in possession of information or documents relevant to an investigation conducted by the Central Bank or its duly appointed investigator, should promptly present such information or documents upon request by the Central Bank or its duly appointed investigator.
(ii) If the Central Bank or its duly appointed investigator receives a document according to the requirement imposed under this Chapter, it may:
•  Take copies or extracts from such document.
•  Require the person producing the document, or any other relevant person, to provide an explanation of the contents of the document.
(iii) If the person fails to produce the document required, but he has information about the whereabouts of such document, then he should, upon the request of the Central Bank or its appointed investigator, indicate where the document is located."
(b) Examination of Persons

As per Article 124 of the CBB Law:
"(i) If the Central Bank or its authorised person, for any reason, fails to enter and inspect the premises, offices, or locations of the licensee to obtain any information or necessary documents and data, or if the powers conferred to the Central Bank are not sufficient for it to practice its supervision tasks over the business of the licensee, then the Central Bank may seek a court order upon a petition to enable the authorised investigators to carry out the following:
•  Entering and inspecting specific premises and obtaining relevant information, data or documents.
•  Copying or taking extracts of any relevant document information or data.
•  Compelling any person employed by the licensee to give explanation respecting, or to specify the whereabouts of, any documents, information or data.
Compelling force may be used, where necessary.
(ii) If necessary the Central Bank may retain any documents obtained by virtue of the provisions of the previous paragraph for a period not exceeding six months. However, if the procedures of a trial of any person commenced in connection with committing a crime within the period of the specified six months and the procedures of the said trial continued beyond this period, and the mentioned documents prove to be of relevance to such procedures, then the Central Bank may retain such documents up to the end of the said trial procedures, or to any other date determined by the Competent Court."