Part B


Table of Contents
Glossary of Defined Terms Glossary of Terms   Oct 2020 PDF Version
CBB Authorisation Forms Form 1 Application for a License Jul 2018 PDF Version
Form 2 Application for Authorisation of Controller Apr 20 PDF Version
Form 3 Application for Approved Person status Apr 20 PDF Version
CBB Reporting Forms QPR Quarterly Prudential Return Jan 2020 MS Excel Version
QPR Instructions Jan 2020 PDF Version
QPR Glossary Deleted in July 2012  
AGR Annual Group Return Under development
STR [Deleted in July 2016] Jul 2016  
ALF Annual License Fee Jul 2013 PDF Version
Direct Debit Authorisation Form Oct 2014 PDF Version
Supplementary Information CA Capital Adequacy
CA-1 Bahrain Public Sector Entities, International Organisations & Multilateral Development Banks Jan 2021 PDF Version
CL Client Assets
CL-(i) Agreed Upon Procedures Jul 12 PDF Version
BR CBB Reporting
BR-1 Appointed Experts Report Oct 11 PDF Version
BR-2 Requirements for Report on Private Placements Jan 2020 PDF Version
FC Financial Crime
FC- (i) Amiri Decree Law No. 4 (2001) Apr 2007 PDF Version
FC-(i)(a) Decree Law No. 54 (2006) Jul 2007 PDF Version
FC-(i)(b) Decree Law No. 58 (2006) Jul 2007 PDF Version
FC- (ii) UN Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001) Apr 2007 PDF Version
FC- (iii) UN Security Council Resolution 1267 (1999) Apr 2007 PDF Version
FC- (iv) Examples of Suspicious Transactions Apr 2007 PDF Version
FC- (v) Guidance Notes Apr 2007 PDF Version
FC- (vi) Agreed Upon Procedures Oct 2019 PDF Version
BC Business Conduct
BC 1- Brokerage Fees Scale Jan 2019 PDF Version
PD Public Disclosure
PD-1 Instructions for Publication of Press Releases Jan 2020 PDF Version