In imposing financial penalties for date sensitive requirements, the following criteria apply:

(a) Where the due date falls on a weekend or a holiday as designated by the CBB, the first business day following the weekend or holiday will be considered as being the due date;
(b) Where a due date is not complied with by the end of the day on which it is due, holidays and weekend days are included in the number of days the item is considered late;
(c) For returns and other filings, the date received is the date recorded by the CBB's systems in case of returns filed electronically;
(d) In the case of returns filed in hard copy, the CBB stamp is the date received;
(e) All returns are to be sent to the respective Supervision Directorate and the annual fees to the Accounts Directorate, on or before the due date, to be considered filed on time;
(f) A day ends at midnight in the case of returns that must be filed electronically, or at the close of CBB business day, in the case returns are filed in hard copy; and
(g) An incomplete return, where completeness is determined in relation to the requirements of the relevant instructions and Volume 6 Modules, is considered 'not filed' until the CBB receives all necessary elements of the return.
Added: July 2021