If the EDC decides that the CMSD should give an enforcement order:

(a) The EDC will settle the wording of the order which will include a brief summary of the key representations made and how they have been dealt with, and will ensure that the order complies with the relevant provisions of the CBB Law, rules and regulations. The enforcement order shall contain:
(i) The nature of the offence;
(ii) The representations made before the EDC;
(iii) The decision by the EDC;
(iv) The penalty or other enforcement action;
(v) EDC's recommendation if a criminal prosecution shall be launched.
(b) The EDC will make any relevant statutory notice associated decisions, including whether the CMSD is required to give a copy of the order to a third party;
(c) The EDC will decide the manner of publication and circulation of the enforcement action;
(d) The CMSD staff will make appropriate arrangements for the order to be issued for the implementation of the decisions of the EDC contained in the enforcement order;
(e) The enforcement order shall be sent to the recipients by registered mail; and
(f) The enforcement order or decisions shall not be issued during the market hours of the licensed exchanges.