If the analysis of the known facts and potential evidence indicates contraventions the CMSD shall consider whether a sufficient, credible source of facts and evidence suggests contravention of the CBB Law, rules and regulations and/or an enforcement action is warranted. Some of the factors that could be considered include, but are not limited to:

(a) The laws, rules or regulations that could potentially be considered as having been contravened or violated;
(b) The severity and/or seriousness of such contravention or violation;
(c) The potential magnitude of such contravention or violation;
(d) The potential losses involved or harm to an investor or investors;
(e) Whether the affected group is particularly vulnerable or at risk;
(f) Whether the conduct is ongoing;
(g) Whether the conduct can be investigated efficiently;
(h) Whether SROs or other authorities might be better suited to investigate the conduct.
Amended: July 2021