• OFS-3.12 OFS-3.12 Role and Responsibilities of Other Experts or Advisors

    • OFS-3.12.1

      Where an offer of securities is made in or accompanied by a prospectus or offering document which includes a statement purporting to be made by, or based on a statement made by an expert, the prospectus or offering document must not be issued unless:

      (a) The expert has given and has not before the registration of the prospectus or offering document, as the case may be, withdrawn his written consent to the issue thereof with the statement included in the form and context in which it is included; and
      (b) There appears in the prospectus or offering document, as the case may be, a statement that the expert has given and has not withdrawn his consent.

    • OFS-3.12.2

      Every person making the offer must cause a true copy of every written consent referred to under Paragraph OFS-3.12.1 to be deposited within a maximum 7 calendar days after the registration of the offering document at the registered office of the issuer in Bahrain or, if the issuer has no registered office in Bahrain, at the address in Bahrain specified in the offering document for that purpose.

    • OFS-3.12.3

      The CBB may require a declaration from any appointed expert as per their role and responsibility in the preparation of any offering document as per Article 85 of the CBB Law.