• OFS-3.11 OFS-3.11 Role and Responsibilities of the Securities Ownership Transfer Agent

    • OFS-3.11.1

      If the issued securities are not dematerialised, all issuers of securities must appoint a securities ownership transfer agent to perform the required function of the issuer in respect of the creation, maintenance and update of the securities register in terms of this Module.

      January 2014

    • OFS-3.11.2

      The securities ownership transfer agent must comply with the CBB Law, rules and regulations including those relating to Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime and must be subject to an audit according to control and inspection procedures stipulated by the CBB. In addition, the securities ownership transfer agent must provide the issuer with a declaration that the shareholder list is up to date and is accurate.

    • OFS-3.11.3

      All securities ownership transfer agents must provide the CBB on request as well as on a quarterly basis, a summary of the list of securities holders they maintain in the form required by the CBB.

    • OFS-3.11.4

      Securities ownership transfer agents shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the securities holder due to any inaccurate information or entries made in the securities holders register.