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Past version: Effective from 01 Apr 2010 to 30 Sep 2010
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Table of Contents
  Module Title Module
Date last
Introduction Users' Guide UG Oct 07 PDF Version
High Level Standards Licensing Requirements LR Jul 09 PDF Version
Principles of Business PB Apr 08 PDF Version
High Level Controls HC Oct 09 PDF Version
Auditors and Accounting Standards AU Oct 09 PDF Version
General Requirements GR Jan 10 PDF Version
Business Standards Business and Market Conduct BC Oct 09 PDF Version
CA Table of Contents -- Jan 09 PDF Version
Capital Adequacy CA Jan 09 PDF Version
Credit Risk Management CM Oct 09 PDF Version
Operational Risk Management OM Apr 08 PDF Version
Liquidity Risk Management LM Oct 07 PDF Version
Financial Crimes FC Oct 09 PDF Version
Prudential Requirements Prudential Consolidation and Deduction Requirements PCD Jan 09 PDF Version
Reporting Requirements CBB Reporting Requirements BR Apr 10 PDF Version
Public Disclosure Requirements PD Apr 10 PDF Version
Enforcement & Redress Compensation CP Apr 10 PDF Version
Enforcement EN Jan 09 PDF Version