Part B


Table of Contents
Glossary of Defined Terms Glossary of Terms Jan 2021 PDF Version
List of Circulars
CBB Reporting Forms Licensing Requirements LR
Annual Licence Fee Form (ALF) Appendix LR 1
Direct Debit Authorisation Form Appendix LR 2
Business and Market Conduct BC
List of Dishonoured Cheques Appendix BC 1
Financial Crime FC
STR Form [Deleted: July 2016] Appendix FC 2
MLRO Form [Deleted: July 2016] Appendix FC 4
CBB Reporting Requirements
Appendix BR 5: Returns — PIRI [Updated: June 2019]
Appendix BR 5A: Capital Adequacy Form [Deleted: August 2016]
Appendix BR 9: External Auditor's PIR review letter [Added: January 2020]
Appendix BR-20 Guidelines for Completion of Supplementary Information Form by Banks [Updated: July 2021]
Appendix BR-21: Information Required for Annual and Interim Financial Review [Updated: April 2021]
Appendix BR-23: Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) [Added: July 2019]
Appendix BR 24: Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) [Updated: January 2020]
Investigators' Report Appendix EN 1 EN
Operational Risk Management
Cyber Security Incident Report

Appendix OM 1
CBB Authorisation Forms Licensing and Authorisation Requirements LR
Form 1 (Application for a License) [Updated: July 2018] Form 1
Form 2 (Application for Authorisation of Controller) [Updated: April 2020] Form 2
Form 3 (Application for Approved Person Status) [Updated: April 2020] Form 3
Supplementary Information High-level Controls [Updated Appendix HC-(i): Agreed-upon Procedures re Compliance with HC-5 (Remuneration): January 2017] HC
General Requirements GR
Business and Market Conduct [Appendix BC 8: Caps on Fees and Charges for Standard Services Provided to Individuals Applicable to Retail Banks From 01/May/2018 Updated: April 2021] BC
Capital Adequacy CA
Credit Risk Management CM
Sovereign Debt Provisioning Matrix Appendix CM 1
Code of Best Practice on Consumer Credit and Charging Appendix CM 2
Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau Code of Practice Appendix CM 3
Regulation in respect of Close-Out Netting under a Market Contract Appendix CM 4
Financial Crime
Appendix FC 8 Agreed-upon Procedures for testing Compliance with Module FC [Updated: July 2019]
Shari'a Governance SG
Independent Assurance Report and Management's Report on Control Procedures Relating to Shari'a Compliance and Governance Structure [Added: August 2017] Appendix SG-1
CBB Reporting Requirements BR
Instructions for completion of statistical returns Appendix BR 1
Guidelines for completion of the PIRI [Updated: July 2021] Appendix BR 4
Guidelines for completion of Exposures to Connected Counterparties [Updated: April 2018] Appendix BR 11
Instructions for Completion of the Eligible Accounts Report for the Deposits Protection Scheme Appendix BR 17
Requirements for Report on Private Placements Appendix BR 18
Continuous Professional Development Form (CPD) [Added: April 2017] Appendix BR 22
Public Disclosure PD
Composition of Capital Disclosure Requirements [Updated: April 2016] Appendices PD-1 to PD-4
Instructions for Publication of Press Releases [Added: January 2020] Appendix PD-5
Compensation CP
Certificate of Compensation Appendix CP 1A
Customer Acknowledgement and Waiver Appendix CP 1B
Resolution No. [23] of 2009 in respect of Definition of Deposit Appendix CP 2