• OFS-8 OFS-8 Fees and Charges

    • OFS-8.1 OFS-8.1 Introduction

      • OFS-8.1.1

        Offering of securities is subject to fees levied by the CBB, pursuant to Article 180 of the CBB Law and Resolution No.(1) of 2007 with respect to determining fees categories due for licenses and services provided by the CBB. The fees charged vary depending on the nature of the offering and is payable at the time of submission of application.

        January 2014

    • OFS-8.2 OFS-8.2 Fees for Offering of Securities

      • OFS-8.2.1

        Subject to any regulation issued by the CBB in respect of fees and charges, for any offering of securities, certain non-refundable fees are payable to the CBB as set out in Paragraph OFS-8.2.3f.

        January 2014

      • OFS-8.2.2

        An application for approval or reviewing an offering document related to an offering of securities will not be regarded as complete or submitted until the fee has been paid in full.

        January 2014

      • OFS-8.2.3

        The following table outlines the fees payable to the CBB for the various services provided:

        (amount in BD)

        No. Type of Approval % of Issue/Offer Value Min Amount Max Amount
        A Registration of Equity Securities Offering Documents.
        1 Public Offering. 0.005% 1000 5000
        2 Rights Offering for Listed Issuer. 0.00125% 500 1000
        3 Private Placement Memorandum. 0.005% 1000 5000
        4 Warrants on Equity. 0.00125% 500 1000
        B Registration of Preference Shares, Bonds, Debt Securities and Islamic Sukuk Offering Documents.
        1 Applications of securities to be Listed. (Public) 0.005% 1000 5000
        2 Applications of securities not to be Listed.(PPM) 0.006% 2000 6000
        C Registration of Convertible into Equity Securities Offering Documents.
        1 Application of securities to be Listed.(Public) 0.003% 1000 5000
        2 Application of securities not to be Listed.(PPM) 0.006% 2000 6000
        D Registration of Structured Products Offering Documents. 0.006% 2,000 6,000
        E Registration of Options, Commodities, Futures or Derivatives Contracts. Fixed 500 500
        F Registration of Replacement and Supplementary Prospectus. Fixed 100 100
        G Registration of Pricing Statements (Term Sheets) for Programmes. Fixed 100 100
        H Registration of Capital Securities Offering Documents. 0.006% 2,000 6,000
        I Filing of Offering Documents in relation to Exempt Offers. Fixed 2,000 6,000
        J Examining of an application to approve the increase of the Capital of Listed Companies. Fixed 100 100
        Amended: January 2021
        January 2014