A list of recent changes made to this Module is provided below:

Module Ref. Change Date Description of Changes
Appendix TC-1 01/2014 Added Chartered Financial Analyst as possible qualification for heads of other functions.
TC-B.1.4 07/2014 Clarified scope of application.
Appendix TC-1 10/2015 Added securities market regulation certification as other relevant certification for heads of other functions.
Appendix TC-1 10/2016 Added BIBF Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance and Advanced Diploma in Commercial Jurisprudence from BIBF.
TC-2.3.3 04/2017 Amended Paragraph on exception to the grandfathering rule.
TC-1.1.1 10/2018 Amended Individuals occupying controlled functions.
TC-1.1.10 10/2018 Amended title to be Shari'a Officer and amended responsibilities.
TC-1.1.12A 10/2018 Added new Paragraph on Head of Internal Shari'a Audit.
Appendix-TC-1 10/2018 Amended qualifications and core competencies of Shari'a Officer.
Appendix-TC-1 10/2018 Added Head of Internal Shari'a Audit function qualifications and competencies.
TC-2.3.5 01/2019 Added a new Paragraph on grandfathering requirement to CFO.
Appendix-TC-1 01/2019 Amended Appendix.
TC-2.3.5 04/2020 Amended CIPA naming.
Appendix-TC-1 04/2020 Amended CIPA naming.