Without prejudice to the CBB Law Articles 108, 109 & 110, the CBB may cancel any license of a person as a licensed member, if:

(a) There exists criteria under section MIR-2.5 that the member does not meet and on which grounds the CBB would refuse an application;
(b) The member does not commence undertaking its regulated activities within 6 months from the date on which it was granted the license;
(c) The member ceases to undertake its regulated activities;
(d) The member contravenes:
1. Any CBB Law, rules or regulations;
2. Any condition or restriction applicable in respect of its license;
3. Any direction issued to it by the CBB;
4. Any provision in this Module; or
5. Any provision or requirements of the business rules and requirements of an SRO.
(e) The licensed member undertaking regulated activities in a manner that is in the opinion of the CBB contrary to the market integrity and the interests of the public or clients;
(f) Any information or document that is submitted to the CBB that the member knows is false or misleading; and
(g) Any false or misleading information or document knowingly or willingly disseminated by the member to the market or its clients.
Amended: April 2013
Adopted January 2010