In accordance with MAE-3.8.1:

(a) The Compliance Officer should be competent and knowledgeable regarding the CBB Laws, rules and regulations of the securities market and the various applicable modules;
(b) The Compliance Officer shall:
(i) Monitor the transactions undertaken by their members or participants;
(ii) Identify disorderly trading conditions or conduct that may involve market abuse;
(iii) Identify and monitor transactions undertaken by insiders;
(iv) Identify any breach of CBB Law, rules and regulations;
(c) The licensed exchange or the licensed market operator shall on the identification of any breach referred to in MAE-3.8.2 (b) report such breach to the CBB without delay for the investigation and prosecution of market abuse and shall provide full assistance to the latter in investigating and prosecuting market abuse occurring on or through the systems of the licensed exchange or licensed market operator.
Amended: April 2013