A crowdfunding platform operator must:

(a) Establish systems and controls for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of investors' monies held;
(b) Ensure that investors' monies are properly safeguarded from inappropriate use;
(c) Subscription monies received in respect of an equity crowdfunding offer must be held in a separate bank account with a licensed retail bank based in Kingdom of Bahrain;
(d) Designate a separate bank account for each issue of equity crowdfunding offer. The name of the designated bank must be provided to investors as part of information relating to equity crowdfunding issuer specified under Paragraph MAE-2.11.22(a).
(e) Hold subscription monies received in respect of crowdfunding offer in the designated separate bank account held with a licensed retail bank, until the final allotment of shares has been approved by the crowdfunding platform operator.

Release the fund to the equity crowdfunding issuer after the following conditions are met:

(i) The equity crowdfunding offer confirms to minimum subscription requirement and conditions regarding unsubscribed portion of an equity crowdfunding offer stipulated under Paragraphs MAE-2.12.7 and MAE-2.12.8; There is no material adverse change relating to the equity crowdfunding offer during the offer period; and
(ii) In the event of non-receipt of minimum subscription, all investors monies received must be refunded to the investors forthwith, but no later than 7 calendar days from the closing date of the equity crowdfunding offer.
Added: October 2017