A crowdfunding platform operator:

(a) Must obtain from each investor, a confirmation to the following effect:
(i) "I confirm that I have seen the warning statement about equity crowd funding and—
(ii) I understand that equity crowd funding is risky and I may lose my entire investment; and
(iii) I confirm that I could bear that loss without suffering undue hardship;
(iv) I understand that the usual legal protections do not apply to this investment; and
(v) I understand that I may not be given the same information as is usually required by the CBB Law, Rules and Regulations for investments."
(b) Must obtain the "warning statement confirmation" referred to in Paragraph MAE-2.11.25(a) in writing in a separate document or, if it is obtained by electronic means, through a process by which it is obtained separately from the investor agreement to use the service.
(c) Must obtain the warning statement confirmation before the investor is authorised to use the service.
Added: October 2017