A crowdfunding platform operator must disclose and display prominently on its platform, any relevant information relating to equity crowdfunding including:

(a) Information relating to equity crowdfunding issuer as specified under Section MAE-2.12;
(b) Investor education materials and appropriate risk disclosure;
(c) Information on how to facilitates the investor's investment including providing communication channels to permit discussions about equity crowdfunding issuers hosted on its platform;
(d) General risk warning in participating in equity crowdfunding;
(e) Information on rights of investor relating to participation in equity crowdfunding;
(f) Information about complaints handling or dispute resolution and its procedures;
(g) Fees, charges and other expenses that it may charge to, impose on an equity crowdfunding issuer or investor; and
(h) Information on processes and contingency arrangement in the event the crowdfunding platform operator is unable to carry out its operations or cessation of business.
Added: October 2017