Information disclosed widely enough

Information is disclosed widely enough if:

(a) It consists of readily observable matter;
(b) Without limiting the generality of paragraph (a);
(i) It has been made known in a matter that would, or would be likely to, bring to the attention of persons who commonly invest in securities of a kind whose price or value might be affected by the information; and
(ii) Since it was so made known, a reasonable period for it to be disseminated among such persons has elapsed; or
(c) It consists of deductions, conclusions or inferences made or drawn from either or both of the following:
(i) Information referred to in paragraph (a);
(ii) Information made known was referred to in paragraph (b) (i);
(d) Such information is disclosed in the manner and within the timeframe stipulated by the CBB rules and regulations.
Added: July 2011