For the purposes of Paragraph GR-6.1.7, Islamic retail bank licensees must provide access to information and data pertaining to customer account activity and balances covering a period of 12 full months or 365 days at the time of access to the AISPs in respect of the following services/products offered by the licensee:

(a) Savings accounts;
(b) Current accounts;
(c) Term and call deposits;
(d) Foreign currency accounts;
(e) Unrestricted investment accounts;
(f) Restricted investment accounts;
(g) Mortgage/housing finance products;
(h) Auto loans;
(i) Consumer loans/financing;
(j) Overdrafts (personal);
(k) Credit and charge cards;
(l) Electronic wallets and prepaid cards; and
(m) Other accounts which are accessible to the customer through e-banking portal or mobile device.
Added: July 2021