Islamic retail bank licensees must comply with each of the following requirements:

(a) provide access to the same information from designated customer accounts made available to the customer when directly requesting access to the account information, provided that this information does not include sensitive payment data (such as customer security credentials or other personalised data, the holding of which or the use of which is not authorised by the customer; and data which may be used by the holder for unauthorised, fraudulent, illegal or activity or transactions);
(b) provide, immediately after receipt of the payment order, the same information on the initiation and execution of the payment transaction provided or made available to the customer when the transaction is initiated directly by the latter;
(c) upon request, immediately provide PISPs with a confirmation whether the amount necessary for the execution of a payment transaction is available on the payment account of the payer. This confirmation must consist of a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer.
Added: July 2021