Where the CBB is satisfied that an approved person:

(a) Has wilfully contravened or wilfully caused that licensee to contravene the CBB Law, rules and regulations;
(b) Has without reasonable excuse, failed to ensure compliance by the licensee, or a person associated with that licensee with:
1. The CBB Law rules and regulations;
(c) Has failed to discharge the duties or functions of his office or employment;
(d) Is an undischarged bankrupt, whether in Bahrain or elsewhere;
(e) Has been convicted whether in Bahrain or elsewhere, of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty or the conviction for which involved a finding that he had acted fraudulently or dishonestly;

the CBB may if it thinks it is necessary in the interests of or for the protection of investors, by notice in writing direct that a licensee remove the approved person from his office or employment, and that licensee shall comply with such notice.

Added: April 2013