As an SRO, the objectives and functions of the licensed clearing house and licensed central depository will be to:

(a) Promote fairness and investor protection;
(b) Provide for admission, regulation, supervision and expulsion of participation or membership;
(c) Promote fair access to its facilities and information;
(d) Promote the provision of timely and accessible relevant data;
(e) Treat all its members, depository participants, users and investors in a fair and transparent manner;
(f) Promptly inform the CBB of any violations of the provision of this Module or any relevant act, laws or regulations by its members, depository participants, users or investors;
(g) Act in good faith and avoid conflict of interest in the conduct of its functions;
(h) Comply with the norms of corporate governance, as provided under Module HC (High-level Controls (Corporate Governance)); and
(i) Provide adequate supervision and regulation over its members.
Amended: April 2016