A list of most recent changes made to this Module are detailed in the table below:

Summary of Changes

Module Ref. Change Date Description of Changes
CM-2.2 1/10/05 Role of Internal audit becomes a rule
CM-7.4 1/10/05 Clarification re non-compliant facilities
CM-A.1 10/2007 New Rule CA-A.1.4 introduced, categorising this Module as a Directive.
CM-7 10/2007 New Requirement to follow the "Code of best Practice on Consumer Credit and Charging
CM-1.2 10/2007 Membership of CRB
CM-4.2 10/2007 Clarification of definition of exposure
CM-8 10/2007 Re-organised the Chapter.
CM-4.4 & 6.1 04/2008 New Limits for significant shareholders and guidance on write-offs
CM-7.6 04/2008 New Insurance Refund and prepayment requirements
CM-4.6 10/2009 New reporting arrangements for exposures of connected counterparties.
CM-A.1.3 01/2011 Clarified legal basis.
CM-4 01/2011 Changes made to incorporate CP-5 and large exposures requirements.
CM-A.2.4 04/2011 Corrected cross reference in line with new limits introduced in January 2011.
CM-4.2.1(c), CM-4.5.1 04/2011 Corrected cross reference.
CM 07/2011 Various minor amendments to clarify Rules and have consistent language.
CM-4.4.10 07/2011 Amended the definition of connected counterparties.
CM-7.5.3 10/2011 Clarified reference to APR.
CM-7.5.9 and CM-7.5.10 10/2011 Corrected elements of APR formula.
CM-7.5.12 10/2011 Deleted Paragraph as it does not reflect current practice on residual interest.
CM-4.4.1E 01/2012 Amended definition of qualifying holdings
CM-4.5 01/2012 Clarified and amended the Rules on temporary exposures.
CM-4.9.3 01/2012 Clarified the Rule on future increases in qualifying holdings.
CM-7.4.9 01/2012 Changed Rule to Guidance.
CM-4.5.2E and CM-4.5.2F 04/2012 Clarified Rule on temporary exposures.
CM-A.2.9 07/2012 Updated reference to Bahrain Association of Banks.
CM-4.4.7 07/2012 Clarified the definition of 'controlling interest'.
CM-4.4.8A 07/2012 CBB prior approval required for excess over limits to connected counterparties.
CM-4.4.10 07/2012 Minor corrections.
CM-4.9.3 07/2012 Amendment made to be in line with updated definition of qualifying holdings.
CM-7.5.4 07/2012 Minor typo corrected.
CM-7.5 10/2012 This Section was deleted and requirements are now included in Section BC-4.2.
CM-A.2.11 01/2013 Clarified Rule related to the write-off of a credit facility.
CM-4.4.13A 07/2013 Clarified Rule on the amount that must be deducted from the capital base where exposure exceeds the limit stipulated.
CM-7.6.2 07/2013 Clarified the type of mortgages on which the CBB imposes a ceiling on early repayment fees and/or charges.
CM-1.2.4 10/2013 Amended to reflect the expanded scope of activities of the Credit Reference Bureau and the membership requirements.
CM-7.4.4 10/2013 Updated reference to Eskan Bank to reflect new name.
CM-1.2.4 01/2014 Clarified Rule to apply to credit facilities to residents in Bahrain.
CM-A.2, CM-4 and CM-8.1.19 04/2014 Added cross references and corrected terminology to link to Glossary items.
CM-5.1.1A 04/2014 Clarified Rules on staff loans.
CM-7.2.4 04/2014 Reference updated for the code of best practice on consumer credit and charging.
CM-4.9.2A 07/2014 Added a guidance Paragraph to clarify the treatment of investments in commercial entities which are otherwise not connected to the bank.
CM-A.2 and CM-4 01/2015 Corrected to be aligned with updated requirements under module CA.
CM-4.4.2 01/2015 Added reference to transactions subject to the regulation on close-out netting under a market contract.
CM-4.4.1B 01/2015 Corrected cross reference.
CM-4.4.1E 04/2015 Deleted cross reference as not applicable.
CM-4.4.13 04/2015 Clarified that RIAs are excluded.
CM-4.4.5, CM-4.5.2B, CM-4.5.9 and CM-4.9.10 04/2015 Corrected reference to consolidated Total Capital to be in line with Module CA.
CM-4.6.1 04/2015 Added reference to Appendix BR-19 for reporting the financial details of each large exposure.
CM-4.9.3 04/2015 Clarified language on the treatment of significant investments over the thresholds outlined in Paragraph CA-2.4.25.
CM-4.6.1, CM-4.6.1A and CM-4.6.1B 07/2015 Clarified the reporting requirements of exposures.
CM-6.1 10/2015 Amended Rules on write-offs.
CM-4.4.1E 10/2016 Amended definition of 'Major investments'.
CM-4.9 10/2016 Amended 'Acquisitions' to be 'Investments'
CM-4.9.3 10/2016 Amended Major Investments approval
CM-4.9.4 10/2016 Changed 'major acquisition' to 'major investment'.
CM-4.9.5 10/2016 Changed 'significant investment' to 'major investment'
CM-4.9.6 10/2016 Moved to new section CM-4.10
CM-4.9.7 10/2016 Moved to new section CM-4.10
CM-4.9.8 10/2016 Moved to new section CM-4.10
CM-4.9.10 10/2016 Changed 'acquisitions' to 'major investments'.
CM-4.10 10/2016 New Section — 'Limits on Significant Investments'
CM-6.1 10/2016 Amended the 'Write-offs' Section
CM-7.4.5 10/2016 Amendments to clarify the Rule
01/2017 Added a new requirement on Large Exposures.
01/2017 Added Paragraphs on closely related counterparties and connected counterparties.
CM-3.6 07/2017 Added new Section on 'Country and Transfer Risks'.
CM-7.6.2 04/2018 Deleted Paragraph on "Early Repayment Fees/Charges".
CM-7.4.10 10/2019 Amended Paragraph on non-compliant facilities.
CM-4.5.2D 01/2020 Amended Paragraph on approval of the banks policies and procedures.
CM-1.2.6 07/2020 Added a new Paragraph on CRB members requirements.
CM-1.2.7 07/2020 Added a new Paragraph on compliance with CBB Law.
CM-7.4.10 07/2021 Amended submission of technically non-compliant facilities report.