This Module covers the following activities by Islamic bank licensees:

(a) General Principles (Chapter BC-B);
(b) Promotion of financial products and services (Chapter BC-1);
(c) Code of Conduct for bank dealers and foreign exchange dealers (Chapter BC-2);
(d) Client confidentiality (Chapter BC-3);
(e) Customer account services and charges (Chapter BC-4);
(f) Dishonoured cheques (Chapter BC-5);
(g) ATMs and charges for their use (Chapter BC-6);
(h) Mudaraba contracts (Chapter BC-7);
(i) Margin trading system (Chapter BC-8);
(j) Regulated banking services (Chapter BC-9);
(k) Customer complaints procedures (Chapter BC-10); and
(l) Measures and Procedures for Services Provided to Disabled Customers by Bahraini Retail Banks (Chapter BC-11).
Amended: April 2016
Added: July 2015