For the purpose of Paragraph BC-9.10.9, the minimum information that should be included in periodic statements, where the relationship includes contingent liability investment transactions, includes:

(a) The aggregate of money transferred into and out of the portfolio during the valuation period;
(b) In relation to each open position in the account at the end of the account period, the unrealised profit or loss to the customer (before deducting or adding any commission which would be payable on closing out);
(c) In relation to each transaction executed during the account period to close out a customer's position, the resulting profit or loss to the customer after deducting or adding any commission; and
(d) The aggregate of each of the following in, or relating to, the customer's portfolio at the close of business on the valuation date:
(i) Cash;
(ii) Collateral value;
(iii) Management fees; and
(iv) Commissions;
(e) [This Subparagraph was deleted in July 2015.]
Amended: July 2015
Added: April 08