If the CBB does not receive any notification as contemplated in Paragraph BC-5.1.5 above for a particular customer on the Control List, that customer's name shall be withdrawn from the next issue of the Control List. However, the CBB will monitor the names of customers appearing on the Control List during the three consecutive calendar months falling immediately after the calendar month in which a customer's name is taken off the Control List. If any such customer's name is again reported to the CBB pursuant to Paragraph BC-5.1.3 above at any time during this three-month period,

(a) His name will be returned to the Control List on the date of its next issue if there is only one dishonoured cheque reported in this context; or
(b) He will be automatically deemed an abuser of cheques for the purposes of Paragraph BC-5.1.7 below if there is more than one dishonoured cheque reported in this context.

If, however, his name is not reported to the CBB in this regard, the CBB will cease its monitoring thereof.

Amended January 2011
October 2007