On the second working day of each calendar month, the CBB will circulate a draft copy of the Control List to retail banks. Retail banks will be requested to check the accuracy of the Control List by reference to the information they have sent to the CBB in accordance with Paragraph BC-5.1.3 above, and to notify the CBB within a maximum period of one week of receiving the list of any inaccuracies on the Control List. The Control List, as amended if appropriate, will be circulated to the retail banks by the CBB on the second working day after it receives all responses from the retail banks. Retail banks will be required to monitor the customers on this Control List to establish whether any one or more of them issued another dishonoured cheque in the instant calendar month. Any retail bank becoming aware of a dishonoured cheque of one or more of its customers on the Control List during this month should notify the CBB of this fact, using the relevant Section in Appendix BC-1, on the first working day of each calendar month.

Amended January 2011
October 2007