Each applicant applying for approved person status and those individuals occupying approved person positions must comply with the following conditions:

(a) Has not previously been convicted of any felony or crime that relates to his/her honesty and/or integrity unless he/she has subsequently been restored to good standing;
(b) Has not been the subject of any adverse finding in a civil action by any court or competent jurisdiction, relating to fraud;
(c) Has not been adjudged bankrupt by a court unless a period of 10 years has passed, during which the person has been able to meet all his/her obligations and has achieved economic accomplishments;
(d) Has not been disqualified by a court, regulator or other competent body, as a director or as a manager of a corporation;
(e) Has not failed to satisfy a judgement debt under a court order resulting from a business relationship;
(f) Must have personal integrity, good conduct and reputation;
(g) Has appropriate professional and other qualifications for the controlled function in question; and
(h) Has sufficient experience to perform the duties of the controlled function.
April 2016