Article 66 Preparation of Announcements

The following guidelines for the preparation of press releases and other public announcements should help issuers to ensure that the content of such announcements will meet the requirements discussed above:

66.1 Every announcement should either be prepared or reviewed by:
66.1.1 An official familiar with the matters about which the disclosure is to be made, and
66.1.2 An official familiar with the requirements of the Agency and the Exchange, as well as any other applicable requirements of the commercial companies law, and other related securities laws.
66.2 Since skill and experience are important to the preparation and editing of accurate, fair and balanced public announcements, the Agency recommends that a limited group of individuals within the company be given this assignment, on an on-going basis. (Since a press announcement must usually be prepared and released as quickly as possible, the group charged with this assignment should be large enough to handle problems that arise suddenly and unexpectedly).
66.3 Review of press releases and other public announcements by legal counsel is often desirable and necessary, depending on the importance and complexity of the announcement.