Article 55 The Agency Requirements

55.1 In the case of a significant rumour or report containing erroneous information that has been circulated, the issuer should prepare an announcement denying the rumour or report, and setting forth facts sufficient to clarify any misleading aspects of the rumour.
55.2 In the case of a significant rumour or report containing information that is correct, an announcement setting forth the facts should be prepared for public release. In both cases, the announcement should then be publicly disseminated in accordance with the guidelines discussed above. In addition, in the case of a false rumour or report, reasonable effort should be made to bring this to the attention of the particular group that initially distributed it (in the case of an erroneous newspaper article, for example, by sending a copy of the announcement to the newspaper's financial editor, or in the case of an erroneous market letter, by sending a copy to the broker responsible for the letter).
55.3 In the case of a rumour or report predicting future sales, earnings or other data, no response from the company is ordinarily required. However, if such a report is manifestly based on erroneous information, or is wrongly attributed to the issuer, the issuer should respond promptly to the supposedly factual elements of the rumour or report, in the same manner as for other false rumours and reports of a supposedly factual nature. Moreover, if a rumour or report contains a prediction that is clearly erroneous, the issuer should issue an announcement to the effect that the issuer itself has made no such prediction, and currently knows of no facts that would justify making such prediction.