Article 51 Notify the Agency

Disclosure of material information can often be made after the market closes. Otherwise, when it is necessary to make disclosure of material information before or during trading hours, the Agency expects an issuer to notify it in advance of such disclosure, if the material is of a non-routine nature, or is expected to have a substantial impact on the market for the securities of the issuer. The Agency, with the benefit of all the facts provided by the issuer, will be able to consider whether a temporary halt in trading is not a reflection on the issuer or its securities, but provides an opportunity for disseminating and evaluating the information released. Such a step frequently helps avoid rumours and market instability, as well as the unfairness to investors that may arise when material information has reached some but not all of the investing community. Thus, in appropriate circumstances the Agency can often provide a valuable service to investors and listed companies by arranging for such a halt.