Article 15

The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall have the full powers necessary for the administration of the Agency's operations and the issuance of the regulations and instructions pertaining thereto. He is responsible for ensuring the application of this Law and the regulations of the Agency and for implementing the Board of Directors' resolutions. He is the legal representative of the Agency and has the right to sign on its behalf The Chairman may, after securing the approval of the Board of Directors, authorize the Deputy Chairman, the Director General, or other members of the Agency's staff, to exercise some of his powers.

After the transition period, the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman must devote all their time to their work at the Agency. Neither may, during his tenure of office, occupy any other position, of perform any work other than for the Agency, whether paid or unpaid, nor shall he participate in any contracts concluded by the government or public authorities, nor concomitantly be a director of any private company or firm without the prior approval of the Minister.

The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman may participate in the activities of Committees, institutions and organisations or Authorities, as well as in the activities of international congresses.